About Bayless Conley

From addict to pastor

After I grew up in southern California I became addicted to drugs and alcohol as teenager. I was frequently drunk already in the morning. My heart was crying out for truth. No matter what kind of drugs I was consuming, it could not feel the void in me. Many years of addiction and numerous situations of almost dying followed.

Jesus is real

It was a 12-year old boy who told me about Jesus. On my search, I had tried different religions, drugs and spiritual practices. Christianity was the last, I would have wanted to deal with. However, when I gave my life to Jesus Christ, I became a witness of his life changing power: he set me free from all addiction.

New beginning with God

God restored and healed the relationship to my parents, which I had destroyed. He gave me good friends and let me into my calling. Today I am married with Janet. We have 3 grown-up children and we are happy grandparents. Together we lead Cottonwood Church a non-denominational church located in Orange County, California (USA).

God set heaven and earth into motion so that I could find the truth. If you wish, God does the same for you. Take the first step into a new life with God.

How to start with Jesus
Why preaching on television

Catch Bayless at home on your TV or computer

If people don’t come to church to find God, he meets them at their homes on TV or computer. As pastor of a church, I value the ministry of the local church. Nevertheless, there are many people full of questions and they would not search for answers in church. I feel called by God to use media and give answers from the bible. In my worldwide events, everybody is invited to start a relationship to Jesus and foster good relationships to other Christians in a local church.

„Answers with Bayless Conley“

Behind the scenes

Have a look behind the scenes of „Answers with Bayless Conley“. Find out about the beginning. Join Bayless in his preparations for a sermon; find out how the program is broadcasted worldwide and what is needed to make this possible week after week.

Worldwide ministry

As pastor on the road with people

I love to be a pastor and I deeply enjoy the personal contact with people. If I could, I would love to meet you all in person and have quality time with you! Our TV program gives me the chance week after week to reach thousands of people around the world and minister to them with the word of God. Furthermore, I travel a lot to meet as many as possible in events in your region. These services are organized by local churches. As my journey continues, they are happy to take care of you!

Bayless on Tour
My Homebase

Cottonwood Church

My wife Janet and I are pastors of Cottonwood Church, a thriving nondenominational church located in Orange County, California. We truly believe in the concept of local church and Christian community.

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