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Thanks to committed donors „Answers with Bayless Conley“reaches 180 countries worldwide. Fully aware we broadcast into areas with hardly any churches. We bring the good news and help people to understand the word of God and put it into practice.

Besides TV program we use the possibilities of internet to share God’s life changing message; via our website, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter& Co. our program and devotions are available for free. As this ministry is exclusively financed by donors we need such devoted and faithful friends and partners like you.

Your donation changes lives

The means of dissemination are many, but not free of costs for us. However, we make most of our content available for free to achieve as many people as possible. Your donation helps that a program can be produced, will be spread and is translated into various languages.

Large donations

You are willing and able to invest a larger amount? Please feel free to contact us and we discuss together the best possible way to support the ministry of Bayless Conley.

Support the ministry of Bayless Conley

If you would like to support this meaningful ministry, you find various ways to give:

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Make sure to give your name and your address. At the beginning of the following year, you will receive an accumulative acknowledgement of receipt for your tax statements.

Thank you for your support to bring lifesaving answers from the bible to even more people worldwide.